Business Analysis Simulation (BA5324)

The most important factor in successfully implementing new tools, techniques and skills is to apply them in real life situations. Business Analysis Simulation is a 2-day, workshop to complete the Advanced Certificate in Business Analysis Program. It is designed to offer a variety of hands on, practical and comprehensive opportunities to work in a project environment. The success of each team is dependent upon their ability to think critically, react accordingly to unexpected situations and apply the knowledge and skills they have gained through previous workshops and on the job experience. Participants will finish the workshop at a competent level knowing that they can apply their knowledge and be self-directed to perform the work necessary for project success.

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2 jours / 14 heures

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Nombre de participants minimum: 3
2 jours / 14 heures
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Plan de formation: 

Module 1: Introduction

  • Has This Happened To You?
  • Workshop Objectives
  • Workshop Approach
  • Workshop Logistics
  • Workshop Materials

Module 2: The Building Blocks

  • Review the role of the business analyst and the system development life cycle
  • Review and define criteria for ensuring successful project outcome
  • Review the new project initiative for a case study company in preparation for analysis, design, testing and implementation activities

Module 3: Analysis

  • Discuss two different approaches to analysis
  • Create a context diagram (IE and UML)
  • Create a future state use case diagram and text
  • Create an activity diagram to represent the flow of work
  • Produce a traceability matrix

Module 4: Design

  • Identify data model elements (class, objects, entities)
  • Create a data model (class diagram, entity relationship diagram)
  • Produce a storyboard to represent the user interface
  • Evaluate technical alternatives and recommend a solution

Model 5: Testing

  • The Test Phase
  • The Test Plan
  • The Test Case
  • User Acceptance Tests

Model 6: Implementation

  • Consider the impact of the solution
  • Review how to provide support in the final activities leading up to implementation
  • Recognize ways to determine whether the organization is ready for the transition
  • Discuss the go / no go decision and what information is needed to gain approval to deploy

Module 7: Follow Through

  • The Follow through Phase
  • Continuous Process Improvement
  • Un an d'accès à l'enregistrement vidéo de votre cours
  • Matériel de cours accessible au format électronique
  • Certificat de présence

Practitioner Certificate in Business Analysis Program, Advanced Business Analysis and Bringing Business Solutions to Life workshops.

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