Certified Internet of Things Practitioner (CIoTP) (CN8531)

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The Internet of Things (IoT) promises a wide range of benefits for industry, energy and utility companies, municipalities, healthcare, and consumers. Data can be collected in extraordinary volume and detail regarding almost anything worth measuring, such as public health and safety, the environment, industrial and agricultural production, energy, and utilities. New data analysis tools have been optimized for the massive amounts of data that IoT produces, enabling well-informed decisions to be made quickly. But putting IoT systems into place can be a complicated proposition, and fraught with hazards. Solutions may involve devices and technologies from many different vendors, requiring a good understanding of software and hardware and strategies to integrate them, as well as the risks associated with security, privacy, and the safety of those whose working and living environments are managed by these systems. IT professionals often have little or no experience working with embedded systems, sensor networks, actuators, real-time systems, and other components that are common to IoT, so this course provides a foundation for understanding how these components work with other systems that IT professionals typically have more experience working with—such as networks, cloud computing, and applications running on servers, desktop computers, and mobile devices. In this course, students will learn general strategies for planning, designing, developing, implementing, and maintaining an IoT system through various case studies and by assembling and configuring an IoT device to work in a sensor network. Attendees will create an IoT device based on an ESP8266 microcontroller, implementing various common IoT features, such as analog and digital sensors, a web-based interface, MQTT messaging, and data encryption.

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Module 1: Planning an IoT Implementation

  • Select a General Architecture for an IoT Project
  • Identify Benefits and Challenges of IoT

Module 2: Constructing and Programming an IoT Device

  • Select and Configure a Processing Unit
  • Select a Microcontroller Power Source
  • Use a Software Development Kit to Program an IoT Device

Module 3: Communicating with an IoT Device

  • Communicate Using Wired Connections
  • Communicate Using Wireless Connections
  • Communicate Using Internet Protocols

Module 4: Processing IoT Data

  • Process IoT Device Input and Output
  • Process Data in the Cloud
  • Provide Machine to Machine Communication

Module 5: Managing Risks on IoT Projects

  • Identify IoT Security and Privacy Risks
  • Manage IoT Security and Privacy Risks
  • Manage IoT Safety Risks

Module 6: Undertaking an IoT Project

  • Identify Real World Applications for IoT
  • Follow the IoT Development Lifecycle
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  • Matériel de cours accessible au format électronique
  • Certificat de présence

To ensure your success in this course you should be an experienced computer user who is comfortable setting up and configuring computers and electronic devices.

Informations sur la certification: 

Caractéristiques de l'examen:

  • Préparatoire pour la certification Certified Internet of Things Practitioner 
  • Code de l'examen: ITP-110
  • Coût: 0$ (inclus dans votre formation)
  • Compétences mesurées
    • The Certified Internet of Things exam will certify that the successful candidate has the foundational knowledge of IoT concepts, technologies, and tools that will enable them to become a capable IoT practitioner in a wide variety of IoT-related job functions.
  • Nombre de questions: 100
  • Durée: 2 heures
  • Notes de passage: 60%
  • Tous les détails... 

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